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Your Blogging Life Made Easier ? Part Two

July 18th, 2009 . by Anup

Getting a faster Internet connection is definitely going to make yours and everybody else’s life much easier.

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Part Two

Pictures from left to right : This site ( lol ), Mindcontrol101 Blog, , Django official Site. Don’t think too hard about the pictures. It just happens to be where I’m spending most of my time these days online.

Ever tried maintaining websites and blogs with a Dial-up connection? Well I have and you don’t want that wonderful experience. A simple edit takes what seems like a lifetime. Painful Memories.

Lately I’ve been checking out Virtual Box and Open Solaris. Playing around with Google app engine and Django. Been having fun in a way and strangely slacking from posting.

Completely unrelated to Blogging and to better understand what I’m going on about , check this out. The link is about building an impressive web application, including a sample to work with , using Google App Engine and JQuery. Check it out even if you have not slightest Idea about programming. Quite a Few of you don’t mind programming and will enjoy this. All the resources you’ll ever need to learn this are available for FREE online.

Once again to go there click on the link below

Get started with Web application development

1) ShoZu

ScreenHunter_06 Jul. 18 15.36 

Upload Pictures and Videos off your Phone to various well known social networking services. Hear it used to be a pain before this came along.

2) Slide

Create your own Slide shows.

3) Switch a Bit

Update most of your social media websites from one spot.

4) Orgoo

Keep all of your messages in one spot, including your email. You can now combine gmail , live and hotmail accounts with just about any social network . All of us have better things to do than login to our numerous email accounts and read mail all the time. While email isn’t going away , this service will bring you closer to that dream.

5) Go 2 Web 2.0

A directory of Web 2.0 Sites. Amazing stuff. Check it out sometime. They have a Blogging web 2.0 tools and applications. Great Links. If there’s one link in this post you absolutely must check out, its this one. Mad amounts of sub categories and great links. The ones mentioned before this are services I use often. Thought I’d share them.


As Always

Much Love

Have Fun

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