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Targeted Traffic From Yahoo Answers

November 15th, 2009 . by Anup

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Getting Traffic From YAHOO ANSWERS !

Yahoo Answers is a fantastic way to get not only a strong backlink, but also some very highly targeted traffic as well.

This is a place where anyone can go and ask a question, about anything they want. Others then answer the questions, often citing websites as references. Yahoo Answers is a goldmine, because it contains a ton of people that are literally asking what they should buy!

When you provide an answer, be sure to list your website like this:  <—What I mean is include http:// at the beginning or it doesn’t become a link.


You basically have people who are searching for answers. Answers that your product or service helps solve.


Yes you can put up a link to your website or blog there.

There isn’t much to explain here. Yahoo Answers is great for generating targeted traffic. People who click through either are looking for a solution or are curious. As long as you don’t literally put in an entire sales pitch in the post you should be fine.

Need another reason to use Yahoo Answers ? Okay then they also tend to rank higher in search engines. So there will be a lot of people seeing your link. Its the same reason we use Myspace, facebook, hub pages etc.

Remember we’re not just getting traffic from people who go to Yahoo Answers but also from the search engines that display these pages.

Just look through yahoo answers for your topic of choice. Check if someone has done something similar. Doesn’t matter if anyone has or not. The post should be like you’re in a conversation with them in a real place. It isn’t hard at all. You’ve done harder things before and will do harder things again. Just don’t complicate this . Its simple.


See You Soon

Stay Safe !


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