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Getting Started With Ecommerce – Your Options When Selling Online

June 22nd, 2010 . by Anup

Posting after what seems a long time. I’m currently working on a company website. I had ask myself these very questions. I’ve decided to stick with a catalogue for the time being . An online catalogue until i figure out what to do with the shopping cart and how they want to handle it.

That being said this article is a great introduction to selling online/ setting up an ecommerce website.

  • What are you selling?
  • What shopping functionality should you offer?
  • How will you take payment?
  • How will items be delivered?
  • What reporting and other functionalities are required?

It discusses the various considerations you have to make.

Do you need an open source software ?

Is modification to a commercial software your best solution ?

Or maybe what you need is a complete custom made solution

It honestly couldn’t come from a better source. It’s an article published on the smashing magazine blog. It helped me save tons of energy and get the big picture.

Before this I had been modifying and working on and trying to achieve similar results on other CMS’s and various other means. They all fell short or became too complicated or was taking too long. This article clarifies it all .

If you’re in a real world business and are considering going online , then you need this. Get into ecommerce now while local marketing is still hot and easy. Its going to get harder to compete a few years down the road. You really couldn’t be considering this at a better time.

Once again here’s the link

Good Luck

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