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David Heinemeier Hansson | Entrepreneurial Thought Leader Lecture Series

September 10th, 2010 . by Anup

The creator of ruby on rails giving a speech on business and how he got started .  He is now partner at 37Signals. This has been eye opening for me . Running a website with the aim of making money from it is like any other business. It takes effort and adapting to various factors, People being the most important. Out Teaching instead of selling all the time. Business school does tend to drown people in heavy management theory and practices that possibly won’t help you when starting out small. Even billion dollar businesses start out small.  This a clever guy who understands the realities of business .  Personally I feel this video has been long overdue. Highly suggest you check it out. Real world advice from someone’s who’s not afraid to call out the bull.

The link to the Lecture

david Heinemeier Hansson | creator of ruby on rails

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