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The Immediate Edge Review

November 21st, 2010 . by Anup

It’s not everyday you come across truly remarkable training, internet marketing or otherwise.

Thorough review helps when making a decision. So I signed up for the Immediate Edge. I was surprised by what I found inside.

NOTE: the link to the website is an affiliate link. This means that if you choose to purchase using this link , I will be paid a commission.So why should you trust me or my review of this site then ? — You should consider what I have to say because I signed up to be an affiliate after I went through the content and saw the sheer value it had to offer anyone visiting it. It is a treasure chest of usable information. Of course you don’t have to buy through my link or any other link if you don’t want to . But do read this post and decide for yourself.

If I had to summarize The Immediate Edge for you in a few words , I’d call it   ” a treasure chest of quality usable internet marketing content” . There is so much good info here that anyone can take and apply right away. But of course you don’t care what I think of it, you want to know what the content is. Let’s get to that then shall we.

What you get at the Immediate Edge for that price is access to 3 courses that sell on their own. You get access to the Blueprint Series, the Challenge Plus series and the Immediate Edge Training .

Edge Blueprints

The edge blueprints have been made with one intention in mind. To get to in a position to quit your day job in six months. Of course the usual thing about you implementing it all and the effort you put in will decide everything. These blueprints sound sane enough . I would like to kindly remind everyone that we’re talking about building a business here. This should come as a breath of fresh air for most people.

Currently there are 3 you can apply. You need not apply all at once. Just any one.

1). Sniper Traffic 2). Blog Farms & Content Clusters 3). Flippa

What you see on your left is a screenshot of the blog farm and content clusters mind map. The entire mind map isn’t there of course but you get the point.

Next comes

The Immediate Edge Training Series

This is a module based series. It discusses everything you need to know in order to build a business on the internet.

Finding a Niche ,Market Research ,SEO ,Social Marketing ,Testing and tracking

Finding a niche : using google insights – don’t be fooled by the free tool. Its how you use them that makes a world of a difference. Niche research mind maps , research using websites, magazines, top sites etc.

There is way too much information in there to discuss in detail or even mention in a single blog post. Niche finding is probably the most frustrating part of building websites and apps for profit. This narrows down and makes the process a lot less frustrating.

Challenge Plus

The challenge plus is the continuation of the challenge . There’s nearly 23 months worth of content .

Month 1 : has 6 modules on using Friend Feed. Audio lessons on Product Creation and numerous lectures on product creation. This is just month 1 .

But the challenge plus material is an add on to the challenge material. This is to say that it would be best if you worked on challenge material first before you dive into the challenge plus stuff.

All this isn’t everything.

There still remains the Newsletters Content.


There are around 21 Newsletters . All filled with immediately actionable content like

Newsletter 11

An entire blueprint for setting up a business in a weekend (or less), including a 24 hour action plan. Plus ways to improve your websites, sales letters and emails, and a couple of other sneaky things :)

The above mentioned newsletter is just one of the many found inside.

All this seems unbelievable . I know . Everything I’ve said is a 100% true. But you need to make up your mind about whether you should take them up on this offer.

Why ?

Because right now its only $1. This is for the trial period only.Check it out while you still can . Click on the image on the left to go there.

Note: the trial period is over . But it is still worth the money if you want my opinion. If you’re looking for something to build on lessons, then this is the right place. Anyone could use it but it is best if you have some experience.

As always … Good Luck .

P.S. Little hint – you can still access it for $1 . Just try to exit the page and a pop up should appear. If you choose to stay on page, you will be taken to a page where you can choose the $1 trial period.

The #1 way to get blog readers

April 11th, 2010 . by Anup

Want more people to READ your blog? I’m talking, for sure
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Talk to you soon guys
Have Fun .

Killer Traffic-Getting SEO Software And Training

November 21st, 2009 . by Anup

Free Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin… that’s what Jeff Johnson calls it.

It’s his newest free SEO software that you can use to grab more free traffic from
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Targeted Traffic From Yahoo Answers

November 15th, 2009 . by Anup

This is not an Advertisement

No Really it isn’t

Hello. You guessed it . This is the part that has nothing in common with the rest of the Blog post. Two FREE pdf’s you would like to check out.

The EDGE of SUCCESS by Clate Mask (CEO of Infusion Soft)  Click here to go to the Download Page.

Pilage and Plunder ClickBank for Autopilot Income <– Its a tiny report. This report really does give a Big Picture about making money with Clickbank or any affiliate Program. Check it out. The reason they put this report out is to promote their product “Clickbank Pirates”. Clickbank Pirates automates the whole process described in the report. Don’t be fooled. In spite of the hype and what not. The report does give you a solid big picture. Check it out. Its Free.

Commission Junction University – Amazing wealth of Information. Sign up for if you don’t have an account there. You don’t need an account to go through the university content. But signing up for lets you get affiliate commissions from various companies in various industries. When I say various I mean there are Credit cards, dating services, artwork , hosting , kodak, anti virus solutions. I mean really a lot of options .

Getting Traffic From YAHOO ANSWERS !

Yahoo Answers is a fantastic way to get not only a strong backlink, but also some very highly targeted traffic as well.

This is a place where anyone can go and ask a question, about anything they want. Others then answer the questions, often citing websites as references. Yahoo Answers is a goldmine, because it contains a ton of people that are literally asking what they should buy!

When you provide an answer, be sure to list your website like this:  <—What I mean is include http:// at the beginning or it doesn’t become a link.


You basically have people who are searching for answers. Answers that your product or service helps solve.


Yes you can put up a link to your website or blog there.

There isn’t much to explain here. Yahoo Answers is great for generating targeted traffic. People who click through either are looking for a solution or are curious. As long as you don’t literally put in an entire sales pitch in the post you should be fine.

Need another reason to use Yahoo Answers ? Okay then they also tend to rank higher in search engines. So there will be a lot of people seeing your link. Its the same reason we use Myspace, facebook, hub pages etc.

Remember we’re not just getting traffic from people who go to Yahoo Answers but also from the search engines that display these pages.

Just look through yahoo answers for your topic of choice. Check if someone has done something similar. Doesn’t matter if anyone has or not. The post should be like you’re in a conversation with them in a real place. It isn’t hard at all. You’ve done harder things before and will do harder things again. Just don’t complicate this . Its simple.


See You Soon

Stay Safe !


Web Promotion Using Free Traffic

October 22nd, 2009 . by Anup

Using the Power of Social Networking and Bookmarking to bring People to Your Site

Today’s blog post is all about Free Traffic . Getting Free Traffic to your site or blog. There really is quite nothing like it . Tons of Free targeted traffic can lead to more of everything you’ve ever wanted. I’ve made this post short and more about the big picture so that People don’t get bogged down by little details.

Building MySpace pages, Squidoo Lens, Hub Pages , You Tube Videos etc. gets you ranked higher in the search engines. One of things to note here is that instead of having a single Site or Blog and trying to promote that alone, you could build pages on these popular social networking sites. Its free and to top it all get tons of traffic.

Now instead of having just a single Blog or Site , we could have a myspace page, a squidoo lens all leading and sharing content from our site.  Why we bother doing this is because they rank higher in the search engines and the chance of someone coming across our site has increased.

Another thing you would want to do is make use of Social Bookmarking Sites. Sites like Propeller, Digg, Delicious etc. . They have millions of people visiting them looking for information everyday. Yes they also turn up in search engines. Individual Bookmarks turn up in search engines enabling you to get higher rankings rather easily. You could bookmark individual blog posts. Of course bookmarking your own sites alone shouldn’t be all you are doing. Put up a few other bookmarks just so that it doesn’t look like you’re only interested in self promotion.

Another thing you’d want to do is basically drive them back to your site. This is only required in the case of myspace pages , squidoo lenses etc. Put up quality content and ask them to visit your site for similar content. You could also give them a reason to visit your site by giving away a Free Book , report or software .

That is pretty much it. This is in no way everything you’d need to know. But you do know enough to put them into action. Take Action. The results will surprise you.

As Always

Have a Great Day !