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The Immediate Edge Review

November 21st, 2010 . by Anup

It’s not everyday you come across truly remarkable training, internet marketing or otherwise.

Thorough review helps when making a decision. So I signed up for the Immediate Edge. I was surprised by what I found inside.

NOTE: the link to the website is an affiliate link. This means that if you choose to purchase using this link , I will be paid a commission.So why should you trust me or my review of this site then ? — You should consider what I have to say because I signed up to be an affiliate after I went through the content and saw the sheer value it had to offer anyone visiting it. It is a treasure chest of usable information. Of course you don’t have to buy through my link or any other link if you don’t want to . But do read this post and decide for yourself.

If I had to summarize The Immediate Edge for you in a few words , I’d call it   ” a treasure chest of quality usable internet marketing content” . There is so much good info here that anyone can take and apply right away. But of course you don’t care what I think of it, you want to know what the content is. Let’s get to that then shall we.

What you get at the Immediate Edge for that price is access to 3 courses that sell on their own. You get access to the Blueprint Series, the Challenge Plus series and the Immediate Edge Training .

Edge Blueprints

The edge blueprints have been made with one intention in mind. To get to in a position to quit your day job in six months. Of course the usual thing about you implementing it all and the effort you put in will decide everything. These blueprints sound sane enough . I would like to kindly remind everyone that we’re talking about building a business here. This should come as a breath of fresh air for most people.

Currently there are 3 you can apply. You need not apply all at once. Just any one.

1). Sniper Traffic 2). Blog Farms & Content Clusters 3). Flippa

What you see on your left is a screenshot of the blog farm and content clusters mind map. The entire mind map isn’t there of course but you get the point.

Next comes

The Immediate Edge Training Series

This is a module based series. It discusses everything you need to know in order to build a business on the internet.

Finding a Niche ,Market Research ,SEO ,Social Marketing ,Testing and tracking

Finding a niche : using google insights – don’t be fooled by the free tool. Its how you use them that makes a world of a difference. Niche research mind maps , research using websites, magazines, top sites etc.

There is way too much information in there to discuss in detail or even mention in a single blog post. Niche finding is probably the most frustrating part of building websites and apps for profit. This narrows down and makes the process a lot less frustrating.

Challenge Plus

The challenge plus is the continuation of the challenge . There’s nearly 23 months worth of content .

Month 1 : has 6 modules on using Friend Feed. Audio lessons on Product Creation and numerous lectures on product creation. This is just month 1 .

But the challenge plus material is an add on to the challenge material. This is to say that it would be best if you worked on challenge material first before you dive into the challenge plus stuff.

All this isn’t everything.

There still remains the Newsletters Content.


There are around 21 Newsletters . All filled with immediately actionable content like

Newsletter 11

An entire blueprint for setting up a business in a weekend (or less), including a 24 hour action plan. Plus ways to improve your websites, sales letters and emails, and a couple of other sneaky things :)

The above mentioned newsletter is just one of the many found inside.

All this seems unbelievable . I know . Everything I’ve said is a 100% true. But you need to make up your mind about whether you should take them up on this offer.

Why ?

Because right now its only $1. This is for the trial period only.Check it out while you still can . Click on the image on the left to go there.

Note: the trial period is over . But it is still worth the money if you want my opinion. If you’re looking for something to build on lessons, then this is the right place. Anyone could use it but it is best if you have some experience.

As always … Good Luck .

P.S. Little hint – you can still access it for $1 . Just try to exit the page and a pop up should appear. If you choose to stay on page, you will be taken to a page where you can choose the $1 trial period. | Access Over 54,000 Online Video Tutorials Instantly

October 13th, 2010 . by Anup could possibly be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Rarely does anything get me this excited. No hype people.

For one there are courses similar to the ones on this site I’ve bought for $197 . The $197 courses were rubbish compared to this. This site is a treasure chest of information. In fact its so good you’d probably increase your income by thousands should you apply it. Make no mistake . This is not a sales pitch.

Before you start thinking this as one of those sleazy internet marketing websites (okay okay sheesh lol ) , I would like to assure you it isn’t. The best part is that you could gain access to this treasure chest for $25.

A few of the Courses that you will be getting –

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

Google Analytics Essential Training

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started

Search Engine Optimization (2006)

Flash CS4 Professional: Building Search Engine Friendly Sites

Blogging  : Self-Hosting a WordPress Site

Ecommerce : Product Photography for E-Commerce

and much much more

Imagine every popular web technology explained and you get an idea of what’s available on

Click on the Image Below to go there. logo

Few others who use

Amazon Turner Patagonia Full Sail University Yale University Google

Give it a try . It is sure to turn into an invaluable resource for you. Good luck .
Once again here’s the link ->

:59 seconds How Psychology Can Improve Your Life in Less Than a Minute

April 24th, 2010 . by Anup

So this has nothing to do with Internet Marketing . But success in anything begins with you. This ,quite honestly, probably is the only self help book on the planet which has looked up previous research. If anything you’d understand you were given rubbish advice.

“Most people would like to be more creative, more persuasive and more attractive. For years, gurus and ‘life coaches’ have urged people to improve their lives by changing the way they think and behave, but scientific research has revealed that many of their techniques, from group brainstorming to visualization, are ineffective. Fortunately, psychologist Richard Wiseman is on hand to provide fast-acting, myth-busting scientific answers to a huge range of everyday problems. From job-hunting to relationships, and from parenting to self-esteem, personal and professional success may be less than a minute away …Find out why putting a pencil between your teeth instantly makes you feel happier. Discover why even thinking about going to the gym can help you keep in shape. Learn how putting just one thing in your wallet will improve the chance of it being returned if lost.”

—  Amazon Editorial Review

If you’re going to buy another self help book , should be this one. IF anything you’ll learn about some of the senseless experiments people quoted in those other books. Some of them are merely urban legends. They never happened . No one can find anything on them. Please Check this book out. You owe it to your sanity. Getting through this book is easy. It is well written.

Written by Professor Richard Wiseman .

“Richard Wiseman is Britain’s only professor for the Public Understanding of Psychology and is the author of the bestselling Quirkology. He is the psychologist most frequently quoted by the British media.”

59 Seconds: Think a Little, Change a Lot (Borzoi Books)