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Keyword Research 101 From Copy Blogger

January 24th, 2011 . by Anup

Keyword research is an extremely important part of Online marketing. In fact it is the first and a rather excruciating part of building anything on the internet.

That brilliant idea for a niche or anything else could be disaster if not researched properly.

It would have been so much easier if you could just jump on the internet and put up a website. Make some content and enjoy large amounts of traffic and money. Unfortunately that does not happen. Loads of traffic does not come gushing in without proper keyword research . Your posts will not reach the right audience or worse may not answer the right questions. Keyword research helps answer what they’re looking for.

Imagine having a list of potential buyers , their needs , their pains, where they hang out, where they go shopping for your products, what they’re looking for etc. . That would make your job a whole lot easier. Keyword Research is the internet’s equivalent of real world market research. Researching competitors , their backlinks and the probability of ranking on the first page of Google .

For a good guide to keyword research  check out copyblogger’s guide to keyword research . Click on the link below or the image to go there.

Keyword Research

Local Online Marketing And You

November 25th, 2010 . by Anup

Local online marketing seems to be the next biggest thing. I’ve heard Frank Kern talk about it. I’ve heard Jeff Walker talk about it. Now I’ve heard The Challenge Guys talk about it.

So what about it I hear you ask .

There is a massive opportunity right now that you could make tap into as an Online Business Consultant for small businesses. I know it first hand. I work for one and am currently building a website and doing some web development for one. Small Business does not mean low profit earning or a lower income ; it just means less than 100 employees. Don’t be fooled by the definition. It is not a measure of their income.

It seems Google is very interested in the local small to medium businesses.

Quoting Ed Dale

With 29.6 million small businesses in the US alone, providing over half 
of the non farm private GDP, they are importantto the search engines. 
The search engines want them online!Just as much as users are looking 
for more local search results.
Get this! Currently (again using US figures) 46% of them don'thave a 
website, that's 13.6 million small businesses needing your help!
On Wednesday December 1st, at 8pm EDST, Caro McCourtie will be doing a
Webinar where she will be:
a) Updating you on the recent Google Places changes & whatthat means for 
you - think OPPORTUNITY!

b) Taking you through a strategy, that is the cornerstonestrategy to 
offer local small business clients.

c) Shows you how easy it is to get your first client &the many ways to 
do this (forget cold calling!).

d) Demonstrates how to create a Value Package for a client, and get your 
first $1,500 paycheck - recurring!

d) Highlights additional strategies to identify & obtainLocal Business 
Clients. So you find a way that bestsuits you.

e) Show's you how you can make this happen for yourself!

This is a good opportunity to apply your internet marketing Skills and make good money while helping businesses that could use your skills.

This webinar is Free. Strategy is what makes the difference. You’re getting the strategy part laid out for you. Maybe you could even apply it to your own business or a business you currently work for. How about take up responsibilities related to online marketing on behalf of the company ?

Do give it a shot.

8 Rules You Must Know To Prosper In The New Economy Now

May 25th, 2010 . by Anup

Came across a very good report the other day . Its called “The New Profit Rules” by Charlie Cook. You can get it here. Quite honestly you could use this book to turn your business around. Internet Marketing included. Well thought out, to the point , practical and applicable, supported with facts ,is based on experience and what works.

You need to check this report out to survive this lousy economy.

As always

Have fun with it.

“The part I like about Charlie’s writing is every plan ends in action steps the reader can take to reach closer to achieving success.

Unlike most of today’s pundit writers and endless bloggers with no agenda other than to hear themselves ramble, Charlie outlines a clear path to success for entrepreneurs. I also enjoy his succinct presentation that I can read without wasting time.”

Jeff Dobkin
Direct Response Copywriter, PA