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Crowd Funding ?

April 22nd, 2010 . by Anup

Quick Funding ? . Any funding would be nice sometimes.

By the way the title isn’t hyped up or vague theory. But of course you’d have to

pull it off successfully first . But it isn’t impossible . Don’t judge

this before you’ve tried it. It works and when it does its amazing.

This is what Non profit organizations do . You don’t have to be

non profit and you don’t have to pay it all back.

This is not an MLM Scheme. This is not a pyramid scheme. This is genuine .

This is good when you understand it .

This concept is called Crowd Funding. Like the name suggests it involves getting

money for something/anything from other people. You can pool up money using this

process for projects you desire. All this without hype. There isn’t too much room for hype

in this method.  Best of all there are sites you can try and pony up cash. People out there

are willing to help out other people and causes they feel are important .

The beauty of this is that you can pull it off without having to learn to be a business person.

Here’s the wikipedia description

Here are a few Sites you can use to fund your projects.





Incase you need a tutorial or would like instructions on how to make it better.

Check out TellmanKnudson’s 90 Minute Cash Advance

This is a powerful concept. This has massive potential.

Do give it a test.

Have Fun with it.