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Still Alive and Kicking

June 24th, 2012 . by Anup

I’ll be the first to admit … its been ages since I posted. You’ll be happy (or not) to know that I’m alive , well and kicking.  I’ve made quite a few discoveries on my travels and quests for ultimate programming knowledge. I’ve also come to realize that the topic is way too important and big for one site alone to cover.

This time around I’ve opted for the non impressive and much simpler method of typing words into WordPress way of doing things in this post but please do take a leap of faith and try the links. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. That being said a little bit onto what I think readers of ServingNiches would find useful – -> A completely interactive way to learn coding especially in Javascript. My advice would be to tackle this before dabbling in any of the javascript frameworks (client side or server side) you’re likely to come across these days.  -> Similar to code Academy but more inclined towards Ruby, Rails, Html5, Node.js, Backbone,js etc. (Highly Recommended) -> Every programming book I’ve come across in my life is here , readable online. This is a mother of a resource. (Highly Recommended) -> Stanford’s FREE online Course site. Great for a variety of topics like Statistics(Quantitative Analysis, Big Data etc.) , however you want to call it. Although not as highly established as the other sources, it still is worth checking out.

I very highly suggest the ridiculous amount of content the above sites put at your disposal. Do check them out.

Smashing Newsletters You Must Know About

July 19th, 2011 . by Anup

Smashing Magazine recently put out  “Email Newsletters Worth Subscribing To” . The attention to detail and the graphics in those newsletters are simply superb. But that’s not why you’re reading about it here on serving niches. They also happen to be the leading publications in their particular industry. So enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe to them . They’re worth your time and really do deserve your attention.

I’m not going to mention all of them, just a few of my favourites. A link to the entire original list has been posted at the bottom of the post.

The List :

  Brain Pickings
Random Interesting stuff put in a very interesting and graphical way. Simply superb I say.“culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity quenchers  and separating the signal from the noise to bring you  things you didn’t know you were interested in until you  are.”
 Daily Good Morning
Quality motivational advice in your inbox every day of the  week. Seriously fun stuff to start off your day with. If you  have any intention of being happy, then this is a good  thing to have in your inbox.
New fangled discusses web design , development,  business , culture and design.
“Springwise brings you the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investment and cooperation. It promises to inspire you instantly by getting the world’s most promising new business ideas and young ventures right in front of you. Choose between the daily newsletter, which features three exciting business ideas, or the weekly one, which rounds up the best of the week’s finds.”— Smashing MagazineAmazing stuff .
Usability like design is one of those things people simply assume they know. There are conferences , workshops , countless books and experts with usability design in their job title and yet people assume there is nothing to know. This site discusses what’s hot in the world of Design.
   H&FJ Typography
All about typography. Simply amazing.
   Hacker Newsletter
This is not about security or penetration testing . Its about startups , technology , programming etc. Great Stuff.
   Javascript Weekly
All about Javascript. Stay on top of what’s happening in the javascript world by subscribing to this newsletter.
News , Articles , Themes and tutorials on WordPress. WordPress is growing in popularity fast and this helps you stay on top.


Yoast keeps you in the loop on various topics like SEO , WordPress Plugins, Theme development , Site speed etc. Run by the author of WordPress SEO Plugin.


   Django Weekly
Keeps you in the loop about Django. Django is a python based framework . If you haven’t already do check out the django framework.
   IBM Developer Works
You get to choose to receive info on a number topics. A number of top notch freebies that are well designed , structured and have brilliant content.
  Ruby Weekly
Save yourself hours of research on the Ruby programming language by subscribing to this newsletter. This is a sister publication of Javascript Weekly.
Sitepoint offers a number of newsletters. It covers everything from PHP, javascript to marketing and profiting from your online presence.
  Email Inspiration
One image to inspire your designs and get your creative juices flowing everyday. Can’t be explained really. Must be experienced.

The orginal document can be found here. Have fun and be inspired with these.

Subscribe and Receive Updates via Email

December 23rd, 2010 . by Anup

Subscribe to receive updates from Serving Niches via email. Email subscribers also get FREE reports and offers not available elsewhere on the site when available. Subscribe today . It’s free.

Get Unlimited Access to Hundreds of Games

WordPress Child Themes – Theme Development Made Easier

December 12th, 2010 . by Anup

WordPress Child Themes – Your Gateway to theme development paradise

Child themes are a fairly new concept. I’ve been hearing about them for some time now. Never really bothered to check out before. But luckily for all of us, I have now. This is not complicated. This is somewhat easy to understand . So don’t fret about all the lingo.

Basically, you create themes that rely on other themes as templates. Now that it turn means you only have to change the child theme to make changes to your WordPress theme .

So why bother you ask ?

As it turns out what most wordpress theme designers do is build on top of existing themes they like. I’m guilty of that myself. Why write everything from the beginning when you might need only a few things changed. For example Serving Niches itself it built on themeorrhea by JTK. I loved the way his theme was built. It was simple and didn’t have too many files cluttering up the back end.
Minneapolis St. Paul WordPress User Group #1

The basic layout for any theme doesn’t have to be different. Now previous to WordPress 2.7 I would have had to change the theme files using editor and add my embelishments. Everytime a new version of the theme was released , I would have had to copy paste all my changes to the new theme. Almost rewrite the whole thing. If you had seen the serving niches theme files , you wouldn’t recognize themeorrhea. There were way too many changes made. So imagine having to write all that again on top of the new theme. It would take time.

See now I don’t have to do that. Now with the concept of child themes , I could simply put all my changes in its own folder , so when I upload a new version of the original theme , I’ll only be rewriting the theme’s files not my changes.

So how do you make use of child themes ?

Child themes are put in the same folder as any other theme on your wordpress installation.


To build a child theme , you will first need a mother theme or a main theme to build a child theme on.

All you need to do is to make changes to the style.css file . You need it to tell wordpress that this theme is a child theme.

Neat huh ? Imagine all those hours you’d have to spend rewriting and testing and playing and rehashing and indenting and what not all that code if you were to update the mother theme.

The mother theme style.css. Below is the beginning of a typical style.css .


Theme Name: Your Theme Name

Theme URI:

Description: Oh what a lovely description of your theme you'll put here!

Author: Your Name

Author URI:

Template: If this is a child theme, you'll set the template theme's folder name here,   otherwise don't put this here

Version: A version number


Any general information, license statements, plugin requirements, or any other information you

may want to share.



You do need to make a few changes to the child theme’s style.css . The one file it needs is style.css . You need to put the basic information below in it. Below is an example of how you’d want to fill out the child theme style.css file.

Theme Name: will the child theme’s name

Theme URL: url of your theme if you choose to upload it somewhere so that people can download or purchase it

Description: small description of the child theme

Author: your name or nick name

Author URL: if you have a website. Get a free one atleast mate if you don’t have one.

Template: This is the important option. This is where you mention the location of the mother theme. So say the mother theme is located in wp-content/themes/themeorrhea/ .

You’d write “themeorrhea” here. So it would be Template: themeorrhea .

Version: this is you first child theme ? Call it version 1.0 . you could call it 10.0 if you wanted. It doesn’t really matter.

An example of what a child theme’s style.css would look like.


Theme Name: Sandwich

Theme URI:

Description: This is Sandwich, a child theme for themeoreaa.

Author: Anup

Author URI:

Template: themeoreaa

Version: 1.0


You need to have both Sandwich and Themeorrhea in your wp-content/themes/ folder for this

theme to work.



This child theme will be like any other theme . You’ll be able to activate it like any other theme from the Appearance page in wordpress admin .

So what about the remaining files ?

Simply add them to the child theme folder. The child theme’s files get precedence by default over the mother theme’s files. In other words, should you add a header.php to the sandwich folder at wp-content/themes/sandwich , it will be chosen over themeorrhea’s header.php . Thereby replacing it. The rest of the files will be used as is. If you choose to use the mother theme’s files , do not make an empty file in the child theme folder.

That is all . There you’ve made it to the end.

You should be able to use child themes on WordPress installation now.

An example use of this would be during the holiday season. You want to change the look for maybe December 25th alone or even the week leading up to December 25th .

This way you don’t have to write the code all over . You just need to build a child theme. Maybe just change the background image to something with leaves and bells.

You are limited only by your imagination.

image credits : WordPress stickers & stationery WordPress screen

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Update About The Blog And

May 30th, 2010 . by Anup

Sorry about the lack of posts from me. I’m currently working on a new theme for the blog

and also working on a freebie section. All this has forced me to cut down on posting to the blog.

But if you’re looking for great information for free , check out

I won’t lie. You’re going to love it. I very highly recommend it to Beginners (and Experts). This is Internet

Marketing. I love it because it isn’t all that shady stuff you tend to find in the Search Engines.

Making money online or in the real world is not about cheating people . You can offer genuine value to people.

You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not to do it either.

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