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Keyword Research 101 From Copy Blogger

January 24th, 2011 . by Anup

Keyword research is an extremely important part of Online marketing. In fact it is the first and a rather excruciating part of building anything on the internet.

That brilliant idea for a niche or anything else could be disaster if not researched properly.

It would have been so much easier if you could just jump on the internet and put up a website. Make some content and enjoy large amounts of traffic and money. Unfortunately that does not happen. Loads of traffic does not come gushing in without proper keyword research . Your posts will not reach the right audience or worse may not answer the right questions. Keyword research helps answer what they’re looking for.

Imagine having a list of potential buyers , their needs , their pains, where they hang out, where they go shopping for your products, what they’re looking for etc. . That would make your job a whole lot easier. Keyword Research is the internet’s equivalent of real world market research. Researching competitors , their backlinks and the probability of ranking on the first page of Google .

For a good guide to keyword research  check out copyblogger’s guide to keyword research . Click on the link below or the image to go there.

Keyword Research | Access Over 54,000 Online Video Tutorials Instantly

October 13th, 2010 . by Anup could possibly be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Rarely does anything get me this excited. No hype people.

For one there are courses similar to the ones on this site I’ve bought for $197 . The $197 courses were rubbish compared to this. This site is a treasure chest of information. In fact its so good you’d probably increase your income by thousands should you apply it. Make no mistake . This is not a sales pitch.

Before you start thinking this as one of those sleazy internet marketing websites (okay okay sheesh lol ) , I would like to assure you it isn’t. The best part is that you could gain access to this treasure chest for $25.

A few of the Courses that you will be getting –

Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter

Google Analytics Essential Training

SEO: Search Engine Optimization Getting Started

Search Engine Optimization (2006)

Flash CS4 Professional: Building Search Engine Friendly Sites

Blogging  : Self-Hosting a WordPress Site

Ecommerce : Product Photography for E-Commerce

and much much more

Imagine every popular web technology explained and you get an idea of what’s available on

Click on the Image Below to go there. logo

Few others who use

Amazon Turner Patagonia Full Sail University Yale University Google

Give it a try . It is sure to turn into an invaluable resource for you. Good luck .
Once again here’s the link ->

Getting Started With Ecommerce – Your Options When Selling Online

June 22nd, 2010 . by Anup

Posting after what seems a long time. I’m currently working on a company website. I had ask myself these very questions. I’ve decided to stick with a catalogue for the time being . An online catalogue until i figure out what to do with the shopping cart and how they want to handle it.

That being said this article is a great introduction to selling online/ setting up an ecommerce website.

  • What are you selling?
  • What shopping functionality should you offer?
  • How will you take payment?
  • How will items be delivered?
  • What reporting and other functionalities are required?

It discusses the various considerations you have to make.

Do you need an open source software ?

Is modification to a commercial software your best solution ?

Or maybe what you need is a complete custom made solution

It honestly couldn’t come from a better source. It’s an article published on the smashing magazine blog. It helped me save tons of energy and get the big picture.

Before this I had been modifying and working on and trying to achieve similar results on other CMS’s and various other means. They all fell short or became too complicated or was taking too long. This article clarifies it all .

If you’re in a real world business and are considering going online , then you need this. Get into ecommerce now while local marketing is still hot and easy. Its going to get harder to compete a few years down the road. You really couldn’t be considering this at a better time.

Once again here’s the link

Good Luck

Set Up Good Looking Squeeze Pages Visitors Will Adore – Part Two

July 2nd, 2009 . by Anup

Never let Fear or Doubt enter your mind. There is nothing you need to succeed except the power of your own mind.

Andreas Ohrt ( )

Congratulations ! You have made it to Part Two . What I’m discussing can be used to make any page. You don’t have to be designing Squeeze Pages alone with it. Starting from where we left off.

So we were discussing a favourite page of mine. Now I’d like to use it . All I have to do is Save it to my computer and then open it in Kompozer.

To see it click here. <- This leads to the readme.html wordpress page. I’m using it as an example.

Save it to your computer if you haven’t. Just to better understand the example. Hopefully you’ve downloaded KompoZer. If you haven’t its Free and you’ll need it. Download it here.

Now a lot of squeeze pages and sales pages we come across in Internet Marketing have that border like in the wordpress readme page. A lot of things like font size of the headings , the paragraph size are coded into a .css file.

Don’t worry its not going to get too complicated. Atleast not super duper complicated.

A lot of times there are things you’d have to repeat. Eg. You’d want your heading to be huge. You’d want a sub heading to be another font and slightly less that the 1st heading. Instead of coding all this stuff over and over when the need arises, they put that stuff into a .css file. The reason I mention this is because almost all squeeze pages and sales pages I’ve come across have this. So you’d have to get the .css file as well. If you chose Webpage Complete when saving the Page, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Now here is the Brain Dead part. Instead of writing a whole Sales Page or Squeeze Page, I’ll be copy pasting from another popular awesome Page. I’m doing this only as an example and am not suggesting you literally rip off stuff word for word. It merely makes it easier to explain and understand.

The above is a snapshot of what I’ve done with it . This is only an example. You can view it here. I’ve left some parts of the original wordpress readme page and Copy pasted stuff from Jeff Johnson’s Underground Training Lab. I did this merely to show you. I wouldn’t leave the WordPress logo up there if I were to actually use it , but you get the Point.

There’s not much to explain in terms of using it. All you have to do is edit it in KompoZer  ,add the form and do what you want to the page.

When Uploading it into your hosting account, you will have to upload the .css file. If you had saved the page correctly you should a folder saying “name_files”. Where name refers to name of the webpage you just saved. When uploading you will need to upload that folder.

Well actually you won’t need everything in the folder. The folder probably contains the logo and other images. It will also include a .css file  . The reason I’m asking you to upload the whole folder is because in the webpage has a link to the .css file. The css file tells the page what to look like and what fonts to use etc. Uploading the whole folder is easier on the Brain.

NOTE – The folder won’t automatically be uploaded when you upload the page to your hosting account. That is why you are doing this in the first place.

You may remove the images from the folder you won’t use. Leave the .css file and anything else you need . Then upload the folder. That should work fine too.

You can get some really good looking results this way.

As always

Have a Great Day !

Set Up Good Looking Squeeze Pages Visitors Will Adore ! Part One

June 30th, 2009 . by Anup

Would you be a Dear and hand over your email Quietly ? I’m out of Bullets

Hello People

Its Tuesday here and I’m seriously excited. I have no idea why though. Maybe its Carlos Xuma’s “Alpha Manifesto” or his “Social Skills” Cd’s. Those are good by the way. They’re also Scary. There’s one thing I have decided to do today.

I’m going to Mugg & Beans. The one in Spinney’s Abu Dhabi Khalidiya .

Sit down (hopefully)

Order Bottomless Coffee ( Dhs 11 and you can keep refilling till the end of time )

Work on my Squeeze Pages while there. ( Booyeah )

Yes. Fun and strange the experience should be.

Moving on …

Here’s a Technique I use. This is easy to pull off and you don’t need to know Html, Css or any of that stuff. Most importantly it gives you way more decent results compared to the free squeeze pages templates you would come across online.

Now granted its not all about a pretty looking page. This is something I came up with out of necessity. My programming skills are almost non existent but my design skills are downright horrible. This technique is not Black hat or illegal . Atleast It shouldn’t be considered that way. Okay I’ll admit this technique is a bit funny. But it doesn’t break any laws. So here Goes.

Basically We’re using the already beautiful web pages. In other words we’re going to use Pages we like. Preferably those of large Wonderful corporations or companies. Famous well off marketers will do Great too. I can’t help but see this in a funny light but its not that bad. Unless we were to take the page as is and literally pretend to be them .Now that would be bad.

What we are doing is taking their layout and font choices because they are awesome. We are not going through the process of starting from scratch. You cannot take copyright logos , pictures that are not Free … that would be downright plagiarism. This happens a lot on the Internet. Professionals don’t exactly by heart the entire markup language and every tag in existence. They reuse previous design’s. Its a pain typing all that up for no reason. Besides …

Imitation is the sincerest of flattery.
Charles Caleb Colton, Lacon, volume I, no. 183 (1780 – 1832)
If the Webmaster / Web designer explicitly says not to use his/her stuff. Don’t.

So I’m going to discuss a few ways I would go about doing this.

A Favourite of mine to Use is the readme.html page that comes with WordPress. Once you complete an installation of WordPress Blog on your site you are taken to the readme.html page. Most of you probably don’t remember it . I’ve removed the links and uploaded it for you guys to see.

Click Here to See It. The link should open in a New Window.

So when you come across a Page you like on the Internet. See if it ends with ” .html “. If it does save it. When Saving , save as type “Webpage Complete”.

This does not mean everything other type of page can’t be recreated or used. We are merely keeping it simple here. Its sometimes is hell Recreating others.

Now Saving as WebPage complete will save any files the .html page needs to load correctly offline. In other words, when you’re not connected to the Internet, you can open your browser and view the .html page and everything will load as is. It should look exactly like you were online.

Then download a Free Html editor called “ KompoZer “. You can get it Here .

Download the stable version. Click on the appropriate file depending on your operating system.

Once you install it. Start the Program.

Open the saved .html file in Kompozer . You should be able to see it as it would appear in your browser. Look under the tab “View” at the top left side. Under View – Preview and Design should be selected. You are now ready to edit the Page the way you want it to be.

I’ll stop here now. The Post is getting a bit long.

More on this next Post…

But you should be Fine for Now.

As Always

Have a Great Day

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