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Cool Trick Your Blog Readers Are Going To Love

April 18th, 2010 . by Anup

Imitating what works is a Good Idea .

A common practice these days on the Internet is to format the page into two columns, like a newspaper page. This is easy to do. I figured I could do this on a blog post only recently . Its much better this way . Reading a blog post doesn’t double as neck exercise for the reader.

To do this in a wordpress blog, go to the html tab in the edit post screen.

Copy Paste the Code on the Right side of this Post ————————————————>

Switch to the Visual tab

and replace “This is some text.” with what you want.

<table border=”0″ width=”100%” cellpadding=”10″>


<td width=”50%” valign=”top”>

This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text. This is some text.


<td width=”50%” valign=”top”>

Another text. Another text. Another text. Another text. Another text. Another text. Another text.




As always
Have fun People

How To Create Good Content

April 17th, 2010 . by Anup

Stuck about how to go about creating content ? This will help .

So you are looking to create content for your Blog, Site or newsletter. The content you create needs to accomplish 3 things .

– provide the information being searched for

– build trust in your knowledge and expertise

– gently lead your reader to visiting your links or taking a particular action

There isn’t too much to it. It becomes easier to do this when you understand the objectives well. Don’t get too hung up on doing your first article perfectly.

1. Provide the information being searched for – If the visitor comes to site looking for info on list building and you provide info on affiliate marketing, he/she is going to leave. Provide the information ,atleast partially, about what you said you were going to talk about.  Providing the right information will let you keep the person long enough to achieve the second objective.

2. Build trust in your knowledge and expertise – you don’t have to be an expert on a topic to provide relevant and useful information. You don’t have to pretend to be one either if you’re not.  All you have to do is provide enough useful, factual information to convince the reader that you know what you are talking about and that you are someone who is to be trusted. You need to build trust in the reader so you can achieve the next objective.

3. Gently lead your reader to click on your links or take a particular action – after reading your content, he/she should come away knowing a bit more about the topic and closer to finding the solution he/she is looking for .

If you want them to take a particular action, you must say so. eg. like add me to your twitter list. Etc.

So how do you go about creating this content Fast ?

You have two options .

1). Research and write the content yourself.

2). Hire someone else to do it for you

Writing the content yourself –

Create a targeted and compelling title – Use words such as “Insider”, “you” ,” secret” , “how to ” to grab attention and create curiosity. Implying benefits such as “3 features you didn’t know ” etc. further encourages the reader.

Introduction – The introduction need only be 3 to 5 sentences. Tell them a good reason to continue reading your article.

The Body – the body of the article needs to consist of 3 to 5 paragraphs. It needs to contain information. Research your topic online or offline to get information on the topic.

Conclusion – Gently lead your reader to your links. Since the body provided them with information they were looking for, you have a bit more of their trust.

When it comes to Outsourcing there are 3 good sites to do so-

Hope This Helps
Have fun with it

The #1 way to get blog readers

April 11th, 2010 . by Anup

Want more people to READ your blog? I’m talking, for sure
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In the post is hands down, best method of getting
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Talk to you soon guys
Have Fun .

Adding Buttons to your WordPress Blog

October 28th, 2009 . by Anup


Buttons make the world go round. The reason for using buttons is that a lot of people don’t realize they are using social bookmarking services or RSS Feeds. They just call it Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo. They know clicking on those links adds it to their page or helps them share it. That’s why a simple RSS button or no social bookmarking links won’t help our cause.


Adding RSS Feed Buttons To Your Blog


Go to

Click on RSS Feed buttons tool.

Scroll down.

You should see Choose Feed Type . Choose the appropriate option. Type in your RSS address in the box or boxes that appear. Then right down you will see a couple of buttons.

Choose the buttons you wish to appear on your Blog or Site. Subscribe , Yahoo, Google and AOL.

Click on the Get RSS Feed Buttons Code.

Select the Code and Copy it All.

Once you’ve done that, log in to your WordPress Blog‘s Admin Section.

After logging in click on Appearance.

Click on Widgets.

Add a Text Widget to the Sidebar.

Open the Text Widget to edit it.

Before pasting the code that we copied, type in <ul>

Paste the RSS Feed Buttons Code.

At the end type </ul>

You can add a Title to the Text Widget if you like.

After that Click on Done.

Then Save Changes.

And You’re done.


Adding Social Bookmarking Buttons to Your

WordPress Blog.

The easiest way to do this is to install the Plug in called Sociable. There are a few other plug ins but Sociable in my opinion is the neatest and works best.

So Log in to your Blog’s Admin Area.

Click on the Plug ins tab.

Click on Add New.

Type Sociable into the search box that appears on the page and click search plugins.

Sociable should be the first plug in that turns up. Install it.

Once Installed you should see it under the Settings Tab.

Go to Sociable Settings.

Select the Sites you want displayed.

Scroll Down to Position. Select the options you want.

When you’re done scroll down and click on Save Changes.

That’s pretty much it. That is bare minimum you should choose to do. You can mess around with the other settings if you want to. But this is all that’s required.


Hope this helps. Would love to hear your Feedback . A lot can be found through Google for FREE. I suggest using it often.


As Always

Take Care.

Have a Great Day !

Your Blogging Life Made Easier ? Part Two

July 18th, 2009 . by Anup

Getting a faster Internet connection is definitely going to make yours and everybody else’s life much easier.

ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 18 13.53 ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 18 13.59ScreenHunter_03 Jul. 18 14.05 ScreenHunter_05 Jul. 18 14.09  

Part Two

Pictures from left to right : This site ( lol ), Mindcontrol101 Blog, , Django official Site. Don’t think too hard about the pictures. It just happens to be where I’m spending most of my time these days online.

Ever tried maintaining websites and blogs with a Dial-up connection? Well I have and you don’t want that wonderful experience. A simple edit takes what seems like a lifetime. Painful Memories.

Lately I’ve been checking out Virtual Box and Open Solaris. Playing around with Google app engine and Django. Been having fun in a way and strangely slacking from posting.

Completely unrelated to Blogging and to better understand what I’m going on about , check this out. The link is about building an impressive web application, including a sample to work with , using Google App Engine and JQuery. Check it out even if you have not slightest Idea about programming. Quite a Few of you don’t mind programming and will enjoy this. All the resources you’ll ever need to learn this are available for FREE online.

Once again to go there click on the link below

Get started with Web application development

1) ShoZu

ScreenHunter_06 Jul. 18 15.36 

Upload Pictures and Videos off your Phone to various well known social networking services. Hear it used to be a pain before this came along.

2) Slide

Create your own Slide shows.

3) Switch a Bit

Update most of your social media websites from one spot.

4) Orgoo

Keep all of your messages in one spot, including your email. You can now combine gmail , live and hotmail accounts with just about any social network . All of us have better things to do than login to our numerous email accounts and read mail all the time. While email isn’t going away , this service will bring you closer to that dream.

5) Go 2 Web 2.0

A directory of Web 2.0 Sites. Amazing stuff. Check it out sometime. They have a Blogging web 2.0 tools and applications. Great Links. If there’s one link in this post you absolutely must check out, its this one. Mad amounts of sub categories and great links. The ones mentioned before this are services I use often. Thought I’d share them.


As Always

Much Love

Have Fun

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