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Adding a “Tweet This” Option to your Website

October 27th, 2009 . by Anup

Twitter is becoming popular amongst marketers. The important thing is that it works. You are in all honesty better off not ignoring it. Today’s short Blog post is about adding a “tweet this” link to your Website or Blog.

You can achieve this by copy pasting the code below and of course changing the web address and message to suit your needs.






<a href= ” Niches (”>

Tweet about Serving Niches





The end result of this above code will look like the Link below.

Tweet about Serving Niches






<a href= ” (”>

In this part you should replace the ( with your site address or whatever you want it pointed to .

“status=Google ” Here “Google” should be replaced with the message you want displayed.

Tweet about Google


and you would want to replace “Tweet about Google” to what you want displayed there.

When a visitor clicks that code , they will taken directly to twitter.They will have your tweet and your site address in their update box. All they have to do is press the update button. You can click on it yourself and test it.

Watch out for tommorow’s post if you found this one helpful. I’ll explain how you can put up those wonderful twitter , facebook and other logos of bookmarking sites in much more detail.

As Always

Take Care .




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